Gregg B. Brelsford for Congress

I am running for Congress to work for YOU and to make life better for all Alaskans 


I am running for Congress in 2022 to work for YOU and to make life better for all Alaskans. It’s time for a transition. After 50 years of incumbent Don Young let’s make a change. We need a breath of fresh air – and fresh ideas.

Government is simply not now working well for regular people. Affordable housing is nonexistent in rural Alaska and limited in our cities. Medical care and insurance, and medicine, are too expensive and out of reach for many of us. Nor are we properly protecting our spectacular natural habitat, wonderful Alaskan lifestyle, and future economic development. 

Harmful climate change is roaring down on us. Alaska is warming faster than any other state, and the arctic is warming 3x faster than the rest of the planet. We must be realistic about the threats coming towards us. These include statewide thawing of permafrost, warming temperatures, and loss of critical sea ice. This impacts animals, hunting, subsistence, and jobs.

Fundamentally, we need to keep our current industries and jobs going, including oil, fisheries, and mining. But, we also need to broaden our economy with new jobs in our cities and rural Alaska, and new energy sources like solar, wind and hydro.

These are large scale issues that require our attention now. We cannot delay any longer. The Alaska we know and love is urgently at risk for our children, our grandchildren, and us.

I will use my deep experience throughout Alaska, including the private sector, local government, and tribal organizations, to make a difference for all of us.

Let’s chart a new direction together!

If not us  . . .  WHO?
If not here  . . .  WHERE?
If not now  . . .  WHEN?


Go Higher! Go Gregg!



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