Gregg B. Brelsford for Congress

INDEPENDENT candidate for Congress

I'm as INDEPENDENT as YOU are![sm] 





Alaskans are Independent People . . .

I’m as Independent as You Are![sm]

As an experienced, in-the-trenches, on-the-ground, leader in local government, rural Alaska and Alaskan Native settings, and the business sector, I am a realistic, business-friendly, collaborative, climate-realistic, no drama, get-it-done, problem-solver.

Our state and our country have lost sight of cooperatively working together to look out for regular Alaskan and working families. No one party or group has all the answers. We simply do not have time to waste squabbling over matters that don’t solve our common problems

As an old-school conservative, I will work courteously and respectfully with all of our people and political leaders toward pragmatically solving the critical challenges facing Alaska and our country.

We all have grandfathers and grandmothers, wives and husbands, sons and daughter, sisters and brothers, and friends and colleagues. We need to look out for them. We are one state, one community, and one people.  I will never forget that.



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